Saiful Islam, Ph.D., S.E.

Dr. Saiful Islam is the Chairman & CEO of Saiful Bouquet. With over 30 years of experience and a very strong technical seismic and wind design background, Dr. Islam brings a unique ability to develop […]

Tom Bouquet, S.E.

Tom Bouquet is a Founding Principal of Saiful Bouquet, with over 32 years of professional experience in the industry. He has led the structural design of architecturally intensive new buildings, with special emphasis on large […]

Y.K. Low, MSCE, S.E.

Mr. Yeng-Keong Low is the Senior Principal at Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers, and has been with the firm for 22 years. With approximately 25 years of professional experience that includes construction of new buildings and […]

Mehran Pourzanjani, MSCE, S.E.

Mr. Mehran Pourzanjani has been practicing structural engineering for over 35 years His experience spans a wide spectrum of structures varying from institutional and public projects including higher education and community colleges, to healthcare, regional […]

Matt Skokan, Ph.D., S.E.

With over 24 years of experience collaborating with clients on complex, large-scale, fast-paced and technically challenging projects, Dr. Matt Skokan is a hands-on leader with a passion for delivering innovative design solutions using a team […]

Robert Randall, S.E.

Mr. Robert Randall is responsible for the management of Saiful Bouquet’s San Diego office. He has built a professional career over 25 years in structural design for new buildings, seismic evaluation and seismic retrofit/strengthening for […]

Ron Lee, P.E.

With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Mr. Ron Lee brings an innovative and extensive design portfolio, coupled with strong management and team building experience. His diverse design talents encompass a wide variety of projects […]

Vernon Gong, S.E.

Mr. Vernon Gong has over 36 years of professional experience in the industry, including new building design and expertise in masonry and structural glass buildings. He is well versed in the design of large commercial […]