Tom Bouquet, S.E.

Managing Principal / CFO

Tom Bouquet is a Founding Principal of Saiful Bouquet, with over 32 years of professional experience in the industry. He has led the structural design of architecturally intensive new buildings, with special emphasis on large private commercial and public transit projects. He is very familiar with the recent developments in earthquake engineering and has led numerous seismic evaluations, repairs, and strengthening projects.

Mr. Bouquet has extensive experience in partnering and joint venture projects as well as management of multi-disciplinary design teams. He is known for his ability to interpret and complement an architect’s design through creative structural solutions, and has guided the seismic design of many irregular structures through DSA and other agencies. Projects led by Mr. Bouquet have been recognized with awards including SEAOC’s Best New Construction, Best Renovation, Best Seismic Strengthening, and Best Special Use Structure.

B.S., Swarthmore College, Civil/Structural Engineering

Professional Licenses
Structural – California, Oregon, Arizona, & Massachusetts

What year did you join Saiful Bouquet?


What is your favorite movie?

The Incredibles

What is your favorite hobby?

Marine Aquarist, Guitarist

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?

Time travel

What languages do you speak?

English and Un poco de espanol

What is your favorite sport?