Saiful Bouquet provided structural design for the new 3-story, 85,000 gsf SAILS Student Union project, which houses the College Bookstore, Student Government, and Food Services. The project also includes the 9,000 gsf Health Center/Special Programs Building.  Located at the center of the campus, the Student Union is a state-of-the-art teaching facility and center of student activity, including a student recreation room and facilities for a culinary arts program.  As part of this project, the team demolished ten structures to create space for the construction of the Student Union and a single-story Special Services and Student Health Center, both buildings are LEED Gold certified.

The SAILS project also encompasses campus-wide infrastructure improvements, interior and exterior renovations of the astronomy building, and an interior renovation of the student services building to accommodate a Veterans Center.  New landscape and hardscape throughout the campus provide a new central arroyo.

“Your expertise with DSA and the obvious professional respect received from DSA is a great asset in securing and managing the work.  With your help, we have been able to submit a project to DSA earlier than scheduled while overcoming program revisions that could have easily prevented this success.”

– Steve Pellegren, Vice President, Preconstruction Services, Bernards


2022 Los Angeles Business Council Architectural Award | Sustainability Winner
2022 PCBC Gold Nugget Award | Award of Merit