Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers is the structural engineer for the Child Development Center and Early Childhood Education building is located on the east side of Oasis Street, south of the existing campus and includes the block from Requa Avenue to Wilson Avenue. The new building is approximately 18,700 gross square feet and occupies the north end of the site, closest to the existing Indio Center.

The new drop off area and large parking lot invites up to 80 students. The interior courtyard creates an oasis for kids roam freely around playground. Some of the additional program elements are a Toddler and Preschool Demonstration Room along with Administrative offices and Conference rooms.

The building is dressed in steel open with a Reduced Beam Section Special Moment Frame system with seismic grade beam with ductile detailing. The gravity elements consist of steel beam and column topped with a light deck and supported by a traditional spread foundation.