Saiful Bouquet provided full design services for the 108,000 square foot new Athletic Facility at the San Bernardino Valley College.  The new Gymnasium for the District is a much needed addition that includes a:

  • new multi-use gymnasium with locker rooms, workout rooms, coaches offices, administration offices and lecture rooms
  • new grandstand/bleachers with press box
  • new concession and ticket building
  • new restroom building
  • new field building
  • new visitors building

One of the unique features of the project is the multi-purpose courts are on the 2nd floor level thus requiring special vibration design.  The two courts are connected by a 3-story office area with an opening at the center of the building.  The structure was designed to be of steel construction with buckling-restrained brace frames as the seismic bracing elements.  The project is located within a State-designated earthquake fault hazard zone and the building foundation is located so as to be outside the “set-back” lines identified by the geotechnical engineer.  The new athletic complex was designed as a LEED Gold building.  The state-of-the art BIM software (REVIT) was used to develop the construction documents.