Seismic strengthening has long been one of Saiful Bouquet’s strongest areas of expertise. Our understanding of existing structural elements and the types of strengthening appropriate for different systems allows us to develop least-cost solutions that incorporate as much of the existing building’s inherent strengths as possible. Saiful Bouquet works closely with University test labs and contractors to establish accurate structural seismic performance parameters, and incorporates the results in detailed seismic analyses, often using cutting edge non-linear time history analyses to obtain the best estimate of seismic performance.

Please refer to our Historic and Renovation / Adaptive Reuse sectors for more examples of our diverse existing buildings portfolio.

  • Cathay Bank
  • USC Webb Tower
  • Caltech Jorgenson Laboratory
  • Golden Gateway
  • San Diego State University Zura Hall
  • Essex Fox Plaza Tower
  • US Riverside Boyce Hall
  • AC Hotel Marriott
  • Southbay Tower
  • The Blu (8601 Wilshire)
  • Palo Alto Office Center
  • Hilton Homewood Suites