As part of the “Revival” campaign of Rowland USD, Saiful Bouquet provided services for the first of several new campus buildings on the Nogales High School campus. The 60,000 sq. ft. redevelopment consists of two buildings with two-story classroom buildings, a high-volume multi-purpose building and a single-story food service building. The on-grade structures are all of steel frame construction, utilizing EBF and SCBF frames for vertical lateral resistance.

The buildings are separate independent structures; however, the classroom buildings are interconnected with an elevated walkway with another connection to the multi-purpose building incorporating expansion joints on slider mechanisms that will allow for independent seismic displacements. The high-volume space in the multi-purpose building will serve for school and public events utilizing a stage. A sleek motif of structural steel and grating is used for awning and sunshades along the exteriors of the two classroom buildings as well as at the lunch shelter at the food service building.