Saiful Bouquet completed the seismic retrofit of the existing Huntington Beach Civic Center building using non-linear time history analysis.  The lateral system for the building consists of a non-ductile reinforced concrete beam-column moment frame system in each of the principal building directions with concrete shear walls at the stairwells.

A preliminary evaluation of the building revealed several non-ductile deficiencies such as such as strong beam-weak column configurations and lack of column and beam confinement reinforcement along with inadequate shear capacity of the beam-column joints. SBI created an aesthetically acceptable, non-intrusive, retrofit solution which minimized interior construction work as well by introducing four new (one on each face of the building) exterior Buckling Restrained Brace Frames. The retrofit scheme was designed and evaluated according to a performance-based design approach under the FEMA-356 guidelines by utilizing highly advanced Non-Linear Time History Analysis techniques.