The focus of work of the 58,546 sq. ft. Geology Building included upgrades to building systems, infrastructure, and seismic enhancements.  Utilizing FEMA 356 guidelines, Saiful Bouquet evaluated the ability and effectiveness of the building’s seismic lateral resisting system and identified potential weaknesses in the system. Upgrades to the building systems included new circuit breakers, emergency generators, and all lighting and communications systems. Replacements were also made to all windows and sunshades, interior partitions, doors, HVAC systems, offices, electrical and plumbing services in all labs. The entire second floor and a portion of the first floor were completely renovated.

The Geology Building had already undertaken an 18-month renovation to certain portions of its 50-year-old structure during the phase one project. The building occupants included world-renowned geology researchers entrusted with archeological materials and data from every continent. The phase two project was planned to complete the exterior and interior renovations, while remaining fully occupied by researchers, faculty, support staff, as well as students.