Built in 1959, Dykstra Hall was the first dorm located on the UCLA campus “Hill”, as well as the first co-ed residence hall in the United States. The historic building is a high-rise 112,000 sq ft. undergraduate student residential facility. Preliminary studies in 2004 identified renewal needs and required code upgrades, infrastructure upgrades, correction of operational deficiencies, and completion of upgrades to the residential floors in order to bring them to contemporary standards.

UCLA’s Dykstra Repairs and Refurbishment consists of major upgrades, remodeling and expansion of the existing building. The project replaces and repairs obsolete mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm and elevator systems with new upgraded systems that are energy-efficient and easy to maintain.  It will also replace systems servicing the residential floors and occupied portions of the basement, refurbish interiors on the residential floors, and replace the windows on the exterior of the building. Construction was completed in the spring of 2013 and the revitalized historic hall offers top-notch housing.