Saiful Bouquet is the structural engineer for the Meritage Commons mixed-use in Napa Valley. The Gateway to the Valleys project is 162,000 sq. ft. of 75 guestrooms and a 45 key full-service hotel. The 9.3-acre addition is a four-story, 145-room resort, including 39 suites, an outdoor pool and a food and wine tasting village.  The structure includes a 9,885 conference center, an 18,000 sq. ft. wine tasting room, 13,961 sq. ft of retail space, 26,015 sq. ft. of office area, 75 guest rooms totaling in 59,280 sq. ft., an exhibition kitchen and a miscellaneous back-house.

The structural system consists of a cast-in-place concrete podium, with two-way mild-reinforced slabs supported by concrete columns and concrete shear walls founded on conventional spread footings.  Above the podium are 3 and 4 levels of wood framing consisting of composite lumber joists framing to wood stud bearing walls.  Lateral system consists of plywood shear walls.