Saiful Bouquet is the structural engineer for the Hotel Indigo of the Metropolis development in Downtown LA. It is a 19-story 287,000 sq. ft. boutique hotel with 350 rooms and conference rooms and multiple ballrooms. Hotel Indigo is part of Greenland’s Phase I development on the Metropolis site, a 6.3 acre five-parcel block 3.2 million square feet mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

The project was delivered on an extremely fast-track schedule with ground breaking occurring within 6 months of start of the designing. Saiful Bouquet was instrumental in helping the design team and the ownership navigate through LADBS’s expedited parallel design and permitting process. Saiful Bouquet saved Greenland over $3 Million by getting the project vested in the California Building Code (CBC) 2010, which was transitioning to CBC 2013 starting January 1, 2014, by submitting substantially (75%) completed structural design within 2 months of starting the project.

The 19-story tower with two levels of below grade parking was designed as a concrete structure with 8” post-tensioned slabs for typical floors and mild reinforced slabs at selective floor including the podium floor. The lateral resistance of the building are provided by concrete core shear walls. Mat foundation was used within the footprint of the tower with shallow foundations supporting the low-rise podium columns.