Saiful Bouquet performed a comprehensive 2nd Party engineering analysis which included peer / design review and value engineering of the entire project as well as provided full structural design services for several high-tech elements including the Automated People Mover Stations.  The $9 billion dollar mixed-use project includes one 61-story hotel tower, two 400-room non-gaming hotels, over 2,650 luxury condominiums and a 500,000 sq. ft. retail, dining and entertainment complex.

CityCenter Block A features the 61-story Ceaser Pelli designed Aria Hotel & Casino, the centerpiece of the development, along with a 300,000 sq. ft. Convention Center, a 2000-seat Theater and approximately 3 Million sq. ft. of parking garages.   The iconic structure is a 48-story reinforced concrete building having two distinct towers that rise above a 25-story base.  The floor is post-tensioned slabs with curved and saw-tooth edges supported by reinforced concrete columns and walls.  The core shear walls provide the resistance to wind and seismic loads.  The building is supported on a deep pile foundation system.

CityCenter Block C consists of four high-rise towers; the Veer Residential Towers (East & West), the Harmon Place Hotel, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  In all four buildings, the floors are reinforced concrete flat slab construction (both post-tensioned and conventional) supported by columns and walls.  The wind and seismic loads are resisted by reinforced concrete shear walls.  The buildings are supported on deep pile foundation systems.  SBI performed an independent structural analysis of the towers and independently designed the floor slabs, columns and shear walls of the buildings.  

Saiful Bouquet Inc.’s redesign and recommendations saved the client $20M in construction costs on the Aria Towers (Block A) and over $5 million on the Block C projects.