Saiful Bouquet is currently providing structural engineering services for Concourse Zero at LAX, a 500,000 sq. ft. new Terminal building at the eastern end of LAX. Concourse Zero is a three to four-level steel framed structure that links to the existing Terminal 1, supports a Pedestrian Bridge to LAX’s new People Mover (also designed by Saiful Bouquet), and spans over an existing culvert. Saiful Bouquet is also designing the project’s quarter-mile-long airside retaining wall, up to 24’ in height.

The building’s Lateral Force Resisting System consists of special steel moment frames with bolted SidePlate connections, designed for enhanced seismic performance objectives on a prescriptive Code basis. The overall project is L-shaped in plan and comprises three seismically separate structures: west, central, and east. The foundation system uses CIDH piles for the west structure in order to transfer loads through deeper uncertified fill soils and around an existing culvert and to avoid surcharging portions of Terminal 1. The central and east buildings are founded on spread footings over improved soils. The project also involves re-cladding, relocating vertical circulation elements, and other significant modifications to Terminal 1, which are carefully calibrated to avoid triggering seismic upgrades to the previously renovated Terminal 1 building.