Saiful Bouquet is the structural engineer for the new Kaiser Baldwin Hills Medical Office building, a 4-story 100,000 square feet slightly curved building with a setback at the 2nd level.  The low roof created by the setback is used as a green roof and as outdoor useable space by the employees.  The total building height is limited to 60 feet.   The building contains X-ray, ultrasound, and exam rooms. Construction was completed in 2017.

The structural system consists of a concrete two way slab supported by concrete columns.  Due to the rectangular shape, two seismic force resisting systems were selected.  Special Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls were used in the transverse direction, and Special Reinforced Concrete Moment Resisting Frames were used in the long direction.  Foundations consisted of shallow spread footings.  An elevated canopy structure above the main roof was constructed of structural steel framing and used to support the photovoltaic panels.


  2018 AIA LA Design Awards, Building Team of the Year

  2018 LABC Healthcare Award