The Valley Municipal Building, also known as Van Nuys City Hall, was declared a Historic Cultural Monument in 1968. The Building was designed in 1928 and constructed in 1932.  The project scope included retrofitting and restoring the Van Nuys City Hall both structurally and aesthetically through various interior and exterior improvements.

Additionally, the adjacent pedestrian plaza was revamped to provide a communal open/green space that would connect the newly renovated Hall with all of the adjacent government buildings surrounding the Plaza. The entrance to the City Hall was also reoriented from the street to the newly created Pedestrian Plaza.

Saiful Bouquet was the engineer of record for the renovation. The 9-story, 65,000 SF tower has a concrete encased steel beam column skeleton for gravity load and reinforced concrete exterior wall as the lateral load resisting system.  SBI performed a seismic hazard mitigation / renovation of the building using 3-dimension linear and non-linear analysis.  The volunteer seismic upgrade is based on FEMA 356 and Guidelines for Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings.


  • Los Angeles Conservancy’s 2006 Preservation Award, recognizing the project’s achievement in the field of historic preservation