The Glendale Police Station project is a new police operation and detention facility for the City of Glendale.  The building is a 163,000 square foot structure with 4 stories above grade and a partial basement.

At the schematic design stage, SBI developed four structural schemes for this project, which included two steel schemes (a moment frame and a steel braced frame) and two concrete (concrete moment frame and shear wall) schemes.  Each of the structural schemes was evaluated in terms of seismic performance of the structural system, seismic performance of the nonstructural system, potential damageability in future earthquakes and availability of the building immediately after an earthquake, impact of each of the structural scheme on design and function of the building & construction cost.

Based on an exhaustive evaluation by the owner, a concrete shear wall for the seismic bracing system and flat slab for the gravity system were adopted as the most appropriate for the project.  A concrete scheme allowed combining the police station and the detention facility and thus proved to be the least expensive of all the schemes.  The shear walls were located such that the impact to architectural layout was minimal and still maintaining optimal seismic performance.