The Edge Water on Ocean project is a new 22-story luxury high-rise condominium tower consisting of 155-residential units, ground floor restaurant and retail space, including partial subterranean parking. The tower has a total gross square footage of 341,185 square feet, which includes 266,085 square feet (plus balconies) of saleable residential area, and 20,500 square feet of restaurant and retail space. 

Spectacular views of the neighborhood in a modern high-rise building with full amenities create an inviting atmosphere with integrated public and private spaces. Saiful Bouquet provided structural engineering services for the project.  An 8-inch P/T slab is used for the floor plates.  Several alternate structural systems were explored for lateral resisting system which included a pure moment-frame lateral resisting system and a dual system consisting of perimeter moment frames and interior shear walls located around the cores and stairwells. A 100% moment frame system in one direction and a dual system in the other were eventually selected as the most economical system.