Saiful Bouquet provided full structural engineering design services for the Landmark II Residential Tower. The Landmark Apartment Tower is a new 34-story, 376 unit residential project replacing a one-story supermarket totaling 360,291 sq. ft. The project includes a four-level underground parking garage with 1,122 spaces. The project will also include a new park on the north side. 

A 250’ office high-rise tower is also part of the property in the Northwestern corner which ties into the common underground parking structure. The underground parking floors will be shared between the office and the Landmark Apartment tower. The Northeastern corner of the site will accommodate the publicly accessible park which is currently occupied by surface parking.  The intent is to tie the new residential structure into the underground parking with necessary adjustments. 

The tower consists of concrete construction with core walls as the primary lateral resisting system and post-tensioned slabs supported on columns as the gravity system.  The seismic design of the tower followed a Performance Based Design approach.