Saiful Bouquet is a leader in the design of science and technology laboratories for private and institutional clients, including wet labs, vivariums, and vibration sensitive structures such as microchip and nanotechnology labs. The key to effective design of these buildings is the marriage of appropriate structural solutions with the programmatic requirements of the specific use, and Saiful Bouquet brings extensive experience with the most challenging structural design criteria. Saiful Bouquet uses early structural parametric studies, coupled with BIM modeling for intuitive communication and coordination, to set the project on the right track from the beginning.

  • Caltech Chen Neuroscience Research Building
  • Caltech Resnick SRC
  • UC Riverside Material Sciences & Nano-Technology Building
  • CSU Northidge Chaparral Hall Science Building
  • UC Riverside Chemical Sciences
  • Huntington Memorial Research Institute
  • Biola Lim Center for Science, Technology and Health
  • UCR Psychology
  • Caltech Schlinger Chemistry & Chemical Engineering