Mr. Vernon Gong led the structural design for the Snake River Correctional Institution, a 538-acre, multi-security facility which opened in August 1991. Although sited for 3,000 beds, only 576 medium security and 72 minimum security beds were constructed in Phase I. In 1994, the Oregon Legislature approved construction of the remaining 2,352 beds, and became the single largest general-funded public works project in state history. Construction of the facility was completed in 1998.

Snake River is the largest prison in Oregon with 2,336 medium security beds, 154 minimum security beds and 510 Special Housing beds (Administrative Segregation, Disciplinary Segregation, Intensive Management, and Infirmary units).

Designed to accommodate 3,000 beds, Snake River is the largest correctional institution in Oregon, employing approximately 900 corrections professionals. The institution emphasizes heavily on Special Housing, which includes Disciplinary Segregation Unit (DSU), Intensive Management Unit (IMU), Mental and Health Infirmary Unit (MHI).