Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers provided full engineering services for the first green roof on the Scripps College Campus. The new design/build student and faculty parking structure features a full size lacrosse field, which allows for multiple use of the land while naturally cooling the parking lot. Although the building is not LEED certified it does employ a majority of sustainable materials such as: bamboo flooring, recycled rubber mats, and intensive lighting and air conditioning controls to minimize energy use. The structure utilizes natural exterior sunlight from 7:00am – 5:00pm, thereby reducing the use and cost of electricity.  

The structure was designed using long span precast double tees spanning to precast girders, designed to support 24” of soil for the lacrosse pitch above. The new parking structure will create more than 600 parking spaces, providing more staff and faculty spots as well as extra parking for events at Bridges Auditorium and the Scripps College Seaver Theater. The project was completed in 2008.