Saiful Bouquet has been providing seismic risk assessment / earthquake loss assessment and related services to some of the largest REITs, financial institutions, private and public companies with large building portfolios, universities, as well to individual building owners for over 23 years.  Our services include:

  • Seismic Risk Assessments
  • Earthquake Loss Estimates (PML)
  • Structural Due-Diligence
  • Assisting Owners with Business Occupancy Resumption Program
  • Post-Earthquake Assessment

Saiful Bouquet is widely recognized as one of the leaders in seismic design and assessment of buildings.  Principals of Saiful Bouquet has presented / published over 60 technical papers on seismic design including papers on Performance Based Seismic design at National and International Conferences.  That combined with our staff’s vast experience with real building evaluation, design and retrofit allows us to provide timely and insightful seismic risk assessment of existing buildings’ that gives adequate credit to the existing building material, is realistic, and technically well founded.

We have developed methodologies for rapid screening, preliminary risk assessments, and detailed investigations, and can customize our assessments as needed to meet our clients’ goals.  We have performed detailed risk assessments of large portfolios, of highrise buildings, schools, retail stores, and institutions throughout the state of California. We also enter into long term on-call agreements to rapidly respond to earthquake events, leveraging our detailed knowledge of buildings’ seismic systems to assist in emergency response efforts to minimize business interruption, cost of repairs, and adverse regulatory actions. Once risks are identified, we are often able to suggest cost effective strengthening or mitigation measures, saving our clients millions.