About Us

We started Saiful Bouquet in 1997 with broad ambitions to expand the traditional role of the structural engineer. We wanted to provide structural engineering advice based on a more complete understanding of building cost, function, aesthetics, and performance, not just structural parameters.

When we opened a small office in Pasadena with 4 people, never did we imagine that in 20 years or so, we will become one of the largest pure structural engineering firms in Southern California with multiple offices with such a diverse practice.  We were extremely fortunate to have been supported by several partners in the AEC community and some clients, who spent a lot of time sharing their perspective on the industry with us. This helped us to become the holistic building designers that we are today!

Rarely have we found such a blending of ability and passion on the engineering consultancy side.

Using plain language and clearly illustrated graphic displays, we began to communicate with architects and building owners in a more visual way, promoting more intuitive understandings of structural options. We developed a collaborative approach to learning about client’s goals and educating team members about structural engineering, so that each project solution could evolve from a shared understanding of the building’s response to project objectives, not from preconceived ideas.

One of our goals from the outset was to establish a diverse practice, both in terms of our staff and our projects. We were fortunate to have some of the best structural engineers in the industry wanting to join our new company. Each new partner broadened the firm, and the company grew quickly, relocating to much larger offices on Colorado Boulevard.

Their collaborative work with the owner and client to define, plan, and execute complete technology solutions is unprecedented…

Our clients’ response to our passion, our holistic approach, our emphasis on collaboration, our pro-active approach, our willingness to own the project, our ability to think outside the box and be creative in design solutions, and be more than just the structural engineers was overwhelmingly positive. This has earned Saiful Bouquet the reputation for engineering excellence. This is reflected in continuing endorsements from clients, awards of excellence from our peers, and our impressive portfolio of successful projects

We found that our natural team-building approach also worked well with alternative project delivery methods. We excelled in Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Lean Delivery and P3 projects, building trust with our architect, contractor, and developer partners.

…your firms ability to be proactive in the initiation of the development of alternative strategies as well as your timely and conscientious responsiveness to challenges by client, architect, and/or other engineers is exemplary…

We are grateful to our employees, clients, and trade partners for their support and feedback, and we commit to continuing efforts to better serve you all. Take the time to browse our website, to get to know Saiful Bouquet’s philosophy and portfolio of work. Please let us know what you think.




First office was a tilt-up!

Saiful in front of first office

A young Tom hard at work

Partnership grows