Construction Kicks Off on $5 Billion One Beverly Hills Development Project

Saiful Bouquet joined our project partners to celebrate the groundbreaking of this transformative 17.5-acre mixed-use complex, poised to redefine luxury living in California.

The project is being developed by CAIN International and designed by Foster + Partners and landscape architect RIOS, with Kerry Hill Architects (KHA) designing the Aman Hotel and residences and Adamson Associates serving as the executive architect for the entire project. The project harmoniously combines a private side, which includes the ultra-luxurious Aman branded residential and hotel towers, with a public side, which consists of a 38,000 square feet conference center, retail, and 4.5 acres of public accessible botanical garden.

At the project’s core are the two ultra-luxurious Aman-branded residential towers, featuring a combined 197 condominiums, each equipped with balconies with plunge pools. The towers, with rooftop pools and gardens, ascend to 31 and 28 stories, respectively, positioning the towers to be the tallest structures in Beverly Hills. A third smaller tower will house a 78-key all-suite Aman hotel. The private side of the development will also have a 100,000 square foot space with extensive wellness facilities for the first fully self-contained Aman Club.

Saiful Bouquet is proud and honored to be the Structural Engineer for this amazing project! Leveraging our expertise in State-of-the-Art Performance Based Seismic Engineering, our team utilized advanced nonlinear earthquake time-history structural analysis for the seismic design of the three towers to ensure seismic resilience of the buildings and to design a robust, efficient, and cost-effective structural system.

The iconic Beverly Hilton will also undergo restoration and substantial upgrades with designs carefully crafted to honor its history. This grand-scale project promises to leave a legacy on the Beverly Hills skyline, and our team is immensely proud to contribute to its realization.

The development is expected to be completed by early 2028 and will be one of the largest and most environmentally advanced private real estate developments in the United States.

Stay tuned for updates as the OBH team brings this ambitious vision to life!

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The AMAN Hotel and AMAN Residences with expansive views of the Hollywood Hills and surrounds.

Saiful Bouquet joined the project partners to celebrate the groundbreaking of this transformative mixed-use complex.

Saiful Bouquet joined the project partners to celebrate the groundbreaking of this transformative mixed-use complex.

The AMAN tower overlooking the renowned Beverly Hilton hotel.

Guest room pool and garden, with a double height volume that embraces indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Driveway leading to hotel arrival.

One Beverly Hills entrance on Santa Monica Boulevard by the retail portion of the complex.

The Beverly Hilton hotel is receiving renovation work as part of the project.

One Beverly Hills Aerial Site Plan

One Beverly Hills Revit Model